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Ten Steps to a Web Site:

So, how do you get your own custom web site published on the Internet?
This is a very common question with many different answers.
Here is a quick outline of the steps required to develop a web site.
Evergreen Services can help with all these requirements.

  • 1. Define Your Goal
    * What do you want out of the Internet? Offer a Business Service? Business Exposure, New Clients, On-line Sales? Electronic Brochure? Product Support Information? In order to be successful, you must define your goal up-front and work towards it.


  • 2. Define Your Target Market
    * Who are you trying to reach? Who are you selling to? Who are your prospective clients? Along this line, who is your competition?


  • 3. Purchase a Domain Name (www.yourcompany.com)
    * What do you want for your internet address? You can register your domain name for about $9 - $15 per year.


  • 4. Purchase a Website Hosting Plan such as "GoDaddy", or "NetworkSolutions"
    * Your web site needs to be published to, and stored on an Internet Server so that everyone can see it on the internet. Web hosting can cost as little as $10.00 per month.


  • 5. Put Together a Website Plan Outline
    * How many pages do you want? Which buttons should be accessible on the front page? Is there a contact form? The navigation of your site has to be quick, clean and simple.


  • 6. Decide on Website Design & Content
    * You must go through and write out your content. Do you have a logo, pictures, and artwork? Think through every page you designated above in site planning. Write the copy and list the associated artwork required.


  • 7. Publish Your Web Site "Live" on the Internet
    * At this point, all the internet pages and graphics are copied to the Web Hosting Provider that you purchased a Hosting Plan from above. Now, everyone can type in your domain name (ww.yourcompany.com) and see your web site on the internet.


  • 8. Register with Search Engines
    * How will everyone find you? Your new internet site must be registered with and submitted to the top search engines ? Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, MSN, Excite, HotBot, Snap, GoTo and others. Evergreen can provide this service.


  • 9. Internet Marketing
    * This is where you get your customers. Your Site has to put little crumbs all over the internet for people and customers to find you. These crumbs include banner ads, links with other sites, E-mail marketing, blogs, etc.


  • 10. Update Your Web Site
    * You need to update your site regularly with new content and products, new services, new prices, new event schedule, new press release, etc. Search Engines place higher value on sites with changing content. This also gets people wanting to come back over and over again to see what's new.

  • Download a PDF of the 10 steps to a web site here