Evergreen Web Design Services Pricing for:

Web Site Development, Design, and Publishing to the Internet of Your Web Site
Full Design, Hosting, and Publishing Package:

Standard Package

Design of a five (5) page website template includes:
Design of content and graphics on each of the five pages
Pages to include: (or your choice of navigation button text)

  • HOME





Design of site Navigation Menu
Image retouching and optimization for web
Research and Purchase Registration of Your Domain Name
Set up a web site Hosting Company Account for Your Site
Build in Search Engine Optimazation (SEO)
Publish the web site by FTP, live to the Internet

The hosting service and domain registration is paid by the Site Owner to a Hosting Company such as GoDaddy.com

Paid to Evergreen Web Design Services in two payments ;

  • First $350 to begin site design as a deposit and paid in advance

  • Final $450 when initial five page site is designed, accepted, and published to the Internet

  • Additional web pages can be added for $50 per page

Additional Web Site Update Services Options:

  • Retouching and Resizing Photographs for Web with Adobe PhotoShop $40 per hour

  • Individual site updates @ $50 pr hour, billed to the quarter hour

  • Or Three Site Updates per Calendar Month for a Monthly fee of $75 per month paid in advance semi-annually and includes photo retouching

  • Design and implement "Contact Us Form", survey, or other forms, $50 per form

  • Image gallery Slide Show $50 per gallery with 1 - 20 image limit